Sunday, 24 August 2014

Unforgettable Models Series- Cara Delevingne- Pretty, Fierce And Quite A Face To Never Forget!

     BEING UNABLE TO FORGET THINGS ,IN MOST CASES, IS A CURSE. Memories of past relationships, ugly deeds we need to leave behind, amongst other dirty things whose details we would love to spare, are just examples of some happenings that many who would love to forget just can get off their chests. Cara Delevingne for many of us ; at least for me, brings great memories and is definitely not one to bring nightmares unless you have a skeleton in your cupboard or you are just a hater.
Cara Delevingne.
   Cara, 22, is a model,actress and singer; a very complex blend which has the hearts of a complex lot out there, including "The Complex Man" himself X_X. With a tomboy flow that is blended with a lady-like touch, Cara is definitely a favourite for anyone who knows how cool her kind can be.

     Gracing magazine covers and runways while posing for top designers like D&G, Tom Ford, Chanel, just to mention a few of the truck load of designers she has worked with, Cara has rapidly become a runway darling and a brand that is not left out when top models are being called out and with her recent ranking as #5 on the  Models.Com Top 50 Models List, this 22-year old has definitely solidified her star status and is building an empire on that solid achievement.
Cara Delevingne Walking For The Chanel Supermarket Runway Show For The
Fall/Winter 2014 Collection.

Delevingne Walking On The Runway Of One Of Burberry Prorsum's Fall/Winter Collections.

     Cara's sense of style is a blend of all "Shades Of Cool" and when this glam cool kid steps out, you would never get disappointed as she always dons cool and edgy casual looks and great dresses on the red carpet that keeps us wanting more of Cara, who is a model of the elite !
Cara Delevingne Goes Punkish In Black!

Cara Delevingne At The 2014 MET Gala .

Miss Delevingne Pulling Off TomBoy-Chick Style Blend. 

Delevingne In A Black Lace Number At The 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

     Recently, Cara got into a "Kick-Off" with the papparazzi while in New York. Its reported by various tabloids that Cara was trying to sink her legs and fists into the available body parts of the unlucky pap as he took to ask questions about her landing a role in a "BEACH BOYS MUSICAL". The doorman (shown here in this photo) was there to hold Cara back in order to avoid a violent situation.
Delevingne Trying To Get At An Unlucky Pap.
Photo Source: Perez Hilton
 Cara is a sweetheart but could she give sweet hard blows too? I can't tell but definitely she isn't one to mess with... I suppose.

     Away from the "almost violent occurrence", Miss Delevingne recently went nude for the Ad of Tom Ford's New Fragrance BLACK ORCHID
Cara Posing For Tom Ford's New Fragrance - BLACK ORCHID- . Photographed By Mario Sorrenti
Photo Source - PopSugar.Com

She is definitely raising the bar higher and higher for herself and seems capable enough to get above her previous feats. Cara is definitely a model with great poise dripping in her own fountain of talent.

MODELS LIKE THE GORGEOUS MISS CARA DELEVINGNE ARE A RARE KIND. A face to remember always, a style icon to alot of ladies out there, a hardworker as we can perceive and all in all a "Strong" lady in every sense of the word. Definitely these are the reasons why she is so unforgettable to TheComplexMan but the question is, Is She Or Would She Be Equally Unforgettable To You?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Unforgettable Models Series- Ataui Deng - Missing, Found And Undeniably Unforgettable.

     Models come and models go. From top to super and then ex- tinct, it always ends . That moment where you have climaxed and reached ur pin drop point is certainly a time that most models would have to come to terms with. But then not to scare some folks or remind them of this inevitable future, presently, i am currently stuck on a few international models that i can't seem to forget.

     Yes ! Anytime i see their faces on magazine covers or their beautiful silhouettes on the runway which are either accentuated or hidden by the pricy outfits they put on, i get elated and most of the time awed by their poise and of course their faces which scream "YOU JUST CAN'T FORGET THIS" with a wink that unluckily for others, only i can see.  And so this week i'd be profiling a couple of models and just like Shakira and RiRi, I CAN'T REMEMBER TO FORGET THEM !


      Ataui Deng Hopkins, 22, is a choco-dark lady from South-Sudan that to me, gives me hope that dark skinned girls would have their rightful place in society and not these subjects to exfoliating products we have "there" today (No disrespect to the naturally fair skinned population).

      Ataui caught my eye while watching FashionTV early on this year. I can't remember the show vividly, but well i still remember why i can't. When this dark skinned motion filled mannequin stepped out from the end corners of the runway, i literally paused and my eyes refused to shift their gaze, unblinking. Her grace was unmatched and right there and then she snuck her way into the space in my heart reserved for models !
Ataui Deng Posing For Flaunt Magazine

     Clothes without models are like elegant ghosts and whether elegant or not, they are definitely not as appealling as when a pro model dons them. Ataui makes clothes look like gold and owns every moment she has behind the cameras.


Her features are so prominent and well pronounced which is no wonder why she is one of my favourites on the runway and a great art subject for me . I drew Ataui and she replied me via Instagram ! Happiness flooded my heart that very day!

Ataui Deng Goes MISSING!
     On the opposite side of happiness, a few days ago, tragic news struck the world of a large amount of people; relatives and fans alike, who love her when we kept seeing captions like #FINDATAUI and ATAUI DENG HOPKINS MISSING FOR 10 DAYS on the internet!
RiRi and Ataui Bonding Playfully
Rihanna's RiverIsland AW13 Campaign.

Ataui For Rihanna's RiverIsland AW13 Campaign.
Rihanna, who ataui happened to be part of her riverisland campaign, and others took to social networks to create awareness about Ataui's missing status. And on Monday, the 19th of August, she was found at NYC Hospital. Though there are no details as to what caused her disappearance, we are happy she was found alive!

   Tragedy or not, Ataui is a black diamond that shines and would continue to shine bright and illuminate our paths with her talent and grace which she brings into the ever growing world of fashion . Therefore, she is no doubt a favourite, not just for me, but for others who feel the same too.

Friday, 8 August 2014

MUSIC PREMIERE - Loyal Freestyle By Reggie Ft. Yadah X Enzo

     Covers have been made, are being made and would continue to be made. But when you step out of the shadow of the word “Cover” and make an instrumental for an original piece yours, it becomes a show of not just technicality talent wise but also in being creative.

     Loyal By Chris Brown is a song that everyone has had on their lips before summer began till date being a controversial but straight forward work of hip hop art. The thing is Chris Brown is not the only one who feels there are no loyal girls. And so when Reggie, Yadah and Enzo jumped on the instrumental of Chris Brown’s smash hit song, it just goes to show that something can be made out of anything: in this case… the best of things.

     Loyal  Freestyle By Reggie “Mr. Pull Up In A Ghost” Featuring “The School Celebrity” Yadah and “Vocally Endowed” Enzo , emanated from a beat testing session in the studio just like every other released freestyle track. No doubt, this track with these three gigantic artistes blessed with great talents would definitely prove itself not to be a disappointment to the original track that we all can't but love to love and even step outside the shadow of the original as these artistes have added a new flavour to their own version of female disloyalty.

     This track, being Reggie’s third single, goes to show, as we predicted here on ATCM, that this young talent definitely shows no sign of slowing down or going down anytime soon.

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