Friday, 20 June 2014

Drake, Lana Del Rey, Solange And Others Make The Concluding Music And Style Mash Up List - My List Of 10 Celebrities With Great Music And Equally Matching Style (II)

6.) West Coast - Lana Del Rey

   Being baddass doesnt really require you to reveal it all like a street side prostitute ! Lana Del Rey is a definition of a lowkey baddass lady that steals the scene anytime she comes around.
    From her latest album, ULTRAVIOLENCE, released this month, this song "WEST COAST" is a chill song. Talking about life in the tinsel town of the U.S, it just gives the listener an idea of a hip life, inspires cool and makes you want to keep it on replay!

If you are a hollywood entertainment lover, then you'd know that such a song also requires a kind of style to put a punctuation mark to that "Top Of The World Cool" Mood you would get.                    Lana, though a New Yorker; who are known for their street style and hip-hop inspired apparels, is every bit as stylish as her fellow glam queens in hollywood. With Jeans and Sweatshirts/T-Shirts as her casual go-tos , vintage looks for her jaw dropping photo-shoots and glam dresses on the red carpet, Lana Del Rey's baddass status is well represented but in her case, with a lot more taste and great appeal that makes her the BADDASS GLAM QUEEN that she is!

7.) Bad Girls - Solange Knowles
    Bad Girls have taste, class and ultimately, STYLE! Solange Knowles is infact one and when you think Afrocentric outfits, great patterns, glam footwears and hair that attracts the attention of all, Solange is definitely the go-to Bad Girl.
    The song Bad Girls speaks of teenage rebellion and realization. With songwriting skills and vocals like  Solange's , this song is like a double sided cassette as it is quite deep but gives that vibe that is hip, cool and gets you feeling like you are Badder than Tony Montana.

    Being a bad girl is not about proclamation alone, its has to show and Solange doesnt spare any detail when it comes to looking good with trend setting outfits that tabloids and observers love to love. If you are still of the mindset that she is still under Beyonce's shadow, with all these lined up and a successful music career, you are definitely not on the affirmative.
8.) Worst Behaviour - Drake
   Its been all about Bad Girls up until now ! Our deep rap sensation, Drake, with his latest turn has shown us that even the deepest of men have the worst behaviour!
    Worst behaviour is a song that or if not yet, should be on everyone's lips! A song that gives that feeling of liberty to do and say that which you have always wanted to say.

     Style wise, Drake dons looks mostly those inspired by hip-hop culture. With a GQ Magazine Cover and tabloids talking about his style journey, Drake is no doubt a stylish bad boy who the girls cant help but love and the guys love to emulate and also hate.

9.) Happy - Pharrell Williams
    Pharrell Williams has made his mark in the music industry as a great producer and musician. Meanwhile, the fashion scene has also felt some Pharrell magic as this teenage 40 year old, is a stylebuff in every sense of the word. 

    Happy, a song done as an original movie soundtrack for " Despicable Me 2 " is a song that goes in all moods, be you depressed, demoralized, elated or just stoic, its black american church instrumental flow and cool lyrics would get you groving and screaming along before you realise you are in outer space.

    Pharrell's style on the other hand is also Extra-Terrestial! No one rocks a short suit like pharrell does or works maxi hats and camo print like him. As he seems to have not aged over the years with his special fountain of youth, so also has his style sense stayed evergreen and keeps blooming and blowing us away with suprises everytime.

10.) Gentleman - Fela Kuti
      Taking it back to the roots, where our new school stars in Nigeria and Africa got their afropop genre from. The king of Afro Beats, Fela Anikulapo Kuti is a legend in all ramifications. With his outspoken nature and personalized lifestyle, Fela serves as a mentor to alot of people in Nigeria and the world over!

       For a dead man to make it to a list that consists of 9 young artistes shows that he cannot but be mentioned and for me, there is no other replacement for this specimen of greatness on this list!
       Gentleman, a song that speaks to men who think being dressed sartorially or being gentle means taking in all the nonsense that comes their way and in this song, Fela says "Act or Be Acted Upon!". This post has been about songs and styles that gives cool vibes but this particular song is special as it not only talks about being cool but defending your cool.

        People may wonder why i have Fela Kuti on a list of stylish celebrities but i say there is no need to wonder about this. High waisted pants for men have become a great trend in the past few years but back in the 70s, Fela has been there and done that. African prints are now all over the place but one person who owned this is also none other than Fela! With his high waisted print trouser ankle high, shirt halfway unbuttoned for a great sexual appeal and his afrobeat jams playing while he does his smooth staggering one two step dance moves, Fela Anikulapo Kuti is a man who has and would always be a legend in music, activism and an influencer of new age fashion.

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