Sunday, 25 May 2014

AWEDA - The Complex Man

Everyone is on a path of self discovery. Even if you feel you have found yourself, there is more to yourself than you think there is. I think there is more to who I am and exploring certain areas of life might lead me there. Its a huge risk but yeah life is bore without risks.

    The complexity of the human mind is what makes man decide to take risks. Risks here meaning leaving your comfort zone and trying new things and not jumping off a cliff without a parachute; only if a have a trampoline strong enough to resist your applied force and this is still a safety precaution. Complexity is beyond what we are on the outside but what we can do with what is inside to make our exterior end become an impact maker. Everyman is born complex as good sense is equal in everyman. The only difference is the variation in the zeal of man towards reaching that end.

     I am AWEDA, a person who has strong passion for a lot of things that would make up my future blog posts, a philosopher from Nigeria technically on a cyber journey to create a community of complex men for a better world. Welcome To AWEDA- The Complex Man, a blog where unit cells become complex giant shiny crystals.

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