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Celebrity Music And Style Mash-Up - My List Of 10 Celebrities With Great Music And Equally Matching Style !

  Do You Know That Your Appearance Can Be Your Ticket To Attaining A Feeling Of Greatness As Well As Emotional Downfall ? By downfall i mean " My Heart Crashed From Everest's Peak" downfall! . But don't be scared because our celebs who work with chords and electrify the stage with their vocals have found a way to mash up their music and fashion sense to give us an undiluted style flow to go with their evergreen songs. So we can now learn from them and look hella fresh and feel cool while jamming up to their awesome tunes.

    Personally, i have a few songs by certain artistes in the "Big Apple" that i'd like to share with you complexes. These songs are songs with so much depth but not to be compared to the "Mariana Trench". Though deep in unique messages and basking in philosophical reasoning, they are songs that get you feeling like you own your world and the world over, songs that uplift your cool and slam-dunks your inner pessimist into a deep abyss which is obviously, deeper than the Mariana Trench!
In No Particular Order They Include :-
1.) Life Is Real - Ayo

   When I first heard this song i thought "What is this lady saying" with a confused face, because her style of music seemed totally weird to me, at the time ; this was about 7 years ago. But on picking up this tune over again this year, i realized that i had missed a great song for 7 years.
    Life is real talks about embracing one's complex... yes... complex! Your weird behaviours or really cool acts, doing what you please because you want to and you are real about it. As real as this and all of her songs on albums like "Joyful" and "Billie Eve" are, so is her fashion sense. 

     Very laid back, chick, almost hipster fashion but with alot of variations, she dons looks which would make you to just keep looking. Ayo, though not seen as a fashion icon by the tabloids and what not, has an impeccable style judgment that never gets old, just like her music.
2.) Dog Days Are Over - Florence And The Machine.

   The Dog Days Are Over And Here Comes Florence Welch Of The Rock Band, Florence And The Machine ! Yes, our renaissance lady whose vocal renditions reminds us of how we used to be, shows us how we are and how we would be, is a queen in every sense of the word.
   Dog Days Are Over is a song of freedom, a song that makes you chase that which you are after and leave that which hinders you. This song uplifts the soul and makes one want to bask in the summer sun for eternity. What also uplifts the heart ? ... Her renaissance blend of music and fashion !

   If i didn't know a thing about her, i would call her Da Vinci's Mysterious "Monalisa" because everything she does is synonymous to that of the renaissance revolution, overflowing in great aesthesia and ever growing mystery, from her sense of style to her pattern of music.
   Florence Welch definitely knows how to make the ancient seem like the future we do not know, even though its stares us right in the eyes.
3.) Flawless (Ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) - Beyonce

    Flawlessness is something that is far fetched here on earth. But wait... when Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter Says "I woke up like this ... I'm Flawless" ?, best believe she is !
    As a guy, listening to this song can be quite intimidating but it is an ego booster because we men have been on a long journey to show the falseness of the adage,  "What a man can do, a woman can do better" . Yes we have proven ourselves as men but 'Yonce says "The battle aint over yet" with this song, FLAWLESS. With strong feminist lines and a great rendition of words by our very own Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, this songs sparks fire and cool in the hearts of all !

     Its no longer news that Beyonce knows how to work it when it comes to fashion. Whether it is casual, red carpet or fierce perfomance outfits that changes the term SEXY to BEYONCE, she reminds us that she is a girl who runs the world and is not ready to put a stop to that.
4.) Supersoaker - Kings Of Leon

   After three women who have proven themselves to have evergreen music and fashion judgement, the men also have come to take center stage and attention is coming from all corners of the world to the men of leather, boots, guitars and awesome vocals !

   This song, Supersoaker, is a song for the cool man. For the man who knows what he has, who he is and what he is worth. Though that give the hint of a proud man, but to be cool, a certain carriage is needed and this song inspires just that. With great vocals from lead singer, Caleb Followill, this track is one that makes you own the world even if you are still very "Nada" away from "Prada"!

    Owning a clothing line means "We Have Style And You Know It" and though many rock stars come and go, these guys have proven that they are here to stay not just in the music scene but with their style as well. If you are a fan of leather jackets, dark shades, boots, graphic designed shirts and rockstar hairstyles, i suggest you learn a tip or two or everything from The Kings Of Leon !
5.) Buzzcut Season - Lorde
    Someone came into view last year and it was the "Pure Heroine", LORDE ! . Being a 17 year old, one would think Lorde is still on a self realization journey but take a stop and look at her, then you know you are not in the affirmative.

    With vocals that showers upon her listeners ; Aweda Included, like rain drops from the sky and a style that get you thinking she is crazy at some point then saying she's the "IT GIRL" in the next, Lorde's carefree looks and lyrics with a poetic spice have been a huge advantage for her and would be a huge advantage for those who love maxi dresses, big soles, dark lips and steady high pitch vocals.

     Buzzcut Season became my favourite song on the Pure Heroine Album a few weeks ago, the lyrics about not being so on top or on top but still looking over that and living life as it comes and i haven't felt any cooler since then ; i was cool before then but you know... a "Upgrade" came along... you complexes know the rest. 

     It is a song that has different meanings to different people and is very dynamic, but I sum it all up to "Dynamic Representation Of Living Cool". Her fashion sense is very personalized and fresh, so if you are looking for a start on a self style journey even if it doesn't scream "OH LORDE!, OH LORDE!!" , she is and i think would continue to be a reference point.

    The list goes on but the curtain would be pull just right about here for now. I'm sure you complexes are wondering who else i have on this list or who i should but have on this list. The only way to get to uncover those thoughts is to visit the blog in the coming days for the wrap up on this list.
     Links to these songs are provided on each song topic because sharing the good stuff is what makes the world a better place. Share, Comment, Repost and Have A Musically Stylish Week.

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