Sunday, 1 June 2014

ATCM Music : Upcoming Artiste, REGGIE And His Works In The Nigerian Music Underground.

   There are 'upcoming artistes' and there are 'UPCOMING ARTISTES' . The difference between these two sets of people being that the former are just upcoming for certain unknown reasons that renders them as people of little importance in the eyes of people in the music industry. On the other hand, the latter consists of those who have content, who are driven by passion and who know their onions.

   One of such people is an upcoming artiste who just began in the underground named 'Reggie'. Born Amen-Omoregie Osamudiamen in the mid 90's, a native of Edo State "The Heart Beat Of The Nation", this guy has alot to offer and is doing everything possible to get these things done.
    He's a student of the famous Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (KNUST), Ghana, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and just in his freshman year,has been nominated for the award of the International Student Artiste Of The Year in the school's music and social world.

     Driven by passion and spitting lines fueled by his wild imaginations, crazy punchlines and a sleek flow, he's bringing along with him a new age of music and slowly climbing up every ladder that comes his way.
      On release of his first single "Grind" Featuring Skyz which was a blend of hip-hop with a little afro flow on the chorus, he turned attention towards himself, making others know that there is someone to watch out for. The award nomination mentioned earlier was for the song Grind, a nomination for a first single shows that he is headed in the right direction. He's also part of a crew/label group called "Liquor Music Group (LMG)" with a group of other talented artistes.
                      L-R : TMD,  ASTRO, Lloyd AMT And REGGIE.
     With his sophomore single BISI, which as we heard from the artiste himself "The song Bisi is a lot more party oriented, very Nigerian but still true to my roots which is RAP" drops this week and would be premiered right here on the blog.

    Also a feature with fellow crew mate ASTRO titled COUNSELLOR and a proposed mix tape tagged "GHOST", this shows we would be hearing alot from Mr. Pull Up In A Ghost as he is popularly called alot more than we'd expect.
     Sure you have been wondering about the well-recognized song Grind that brought Mr. Pull Up In A Ghost Into Our Radar At ATCM, Check Out This Link And You Would Have Reasons To Get On Your GRIND.

      To get to know more about Bisi and all that REGGIE is upto, Follow on twitter and instagram @R3_GGIE or Look up the hashtag #BISI .


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