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Unforgettable Models Series - Agbani Darego - A History Maker That Is Inspiring And Would Continue To Inspire Generations Within And Out Of The Shores Of Her Field.

     PEOPLE OF COLOUR HAVE BEEN THOUGHT OF AS BACKWATERS OF THE SOCIETY!. That they - or should i say - we are only followers of proposed solutions and not solution providers. From the times of the lucrative business of SLAVE TRADE to the era of RACISM towards the descendants of the founding fathers of hypenated citizenship for people of colour in foreign countries, the first sentence of this article would not be thought of as a tongue-lash by a coloured pessimist but as a fact that these people of colour - in modern times- have come to terms with! But unfortunately for that very first sentence, AWEDATHECOMPLEXMAN and others - who have taken time to step out of the crowd to watch and compare the past, the present and the almost palpable but lingering virtual future in between these times- stand to heavily disagree with a sweet smile on our faces and a lot of proof to undermine the power of that berating statement !

     In every ramification of life, a person of colour is present and now mostly at the top of the hierachy. This is not a post to show a racial war that is being won but just one to point out the very way that things should be looked at. If not in the eyes of others, everyone is equal in mine. Just as Neil Amstrong was the first man to land on the moon or that Albert Einstein was the only man to use 30% of his Brain are unforgettable feats in history, so is Barrack Hussein Obama being the First Black American President or - to the main point of this article- Agbani Darego being the First Black African to wear the most coveted Miss World Crown ! Therefore, there is no need, dear reader, to ask why i have tagged her as an unforgettable face in the world of Models.
Agbani Darego.
     Ibiagbanidokibubo Asenite Darego was born in 1982 to the Darego family which hails from Abonnema in Rivers State,Nigeria. Of course, no one would have ever thought that out of the substantial number of infants born into the world on the same day Agbani Darego was also born on African soil, that she would in the succeeding years become a history maker, not just in her homeland Nigeria, but in the world at large!
Agbani, who always wanted to be a model as a teenager did not seem to want to let her dream slip from her tight hopeful grip. In the period when Agbani was a teenager, no African father would willingly let his daughter go into modeling mostly for conservative reasons and equally as an African man, Agbani’s father was no exception. Yet, she went on to audition for the M-Net face Of Africa Modelling Competition – the same platform on which supermodel Oluchi Onweagba was discovered- but was not chosen as a finalist. Being the dream chaser that she was, she did not give up hope and therefore this down-point was just a preparation for the great things that even she might not have expected.

     In later years- shortly after the down turn of events at the Face of Africa auditions- Agbani contested for the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2001(MBGN 2001) Title and won! From there, she proceeded to contest at the Miss Universe 2001 Beauty Pageant and became the first Nigerian to be among the Top 10 Finalists of the competition – a history making milestone in her just beginning career that needed an upgrade… which in due time, came up-. In that same year, she contested with the world beauties on the 51st Miss World 2001 stage in Sun City, South Africa- which aired in Nigeria on NTA 2 Channel 5 and 5 year old Aweda happened to be glued to his tv set to witness the seat gripping event that unfolded on the screens at midday-. 
Agbani Darego in a Maillot Swimsuit At The Miss World 2001 Beauty Pageant.

     Being the only one to put on a maillot instead of a bikini which owned the stage on that very day, surely intimidation wasn’t one of Agbani’s buddies and she graced the stage with her astonishing beauty and the poise of a professional- which she already was-. On getting to the Top 3, she was asked ; paraphrasing “ What Are The 3 Things You Would Take On A Journey?” and her response if I remember correctly “ I’d Take With Me A Blanket, The Holy Bible And Water”. These were the intelligent words of an 18 Year Old  Nigerian Beauty Queen on that stage which I can bet had tension looming over it like ghosts in Nollywood Movies! These words, her beauty and her graceful presence made it convinving enough for her to be crowned as the First Black Woman to wear the coveted Miss World crown – though 3 other Africans of European descents from South Africa and Egypt had won the competition in the past-.

Agbani Darego Crowned Miss World 2001

L-R - 1st Runner Up, Miss Aruba, Miss Nigeria,Winner, Miss World 2001 and 2nd Runner Up, Miss Scotland.

     Being Miss World meant being the most beautiful girl at the time. But being a Black Miss World meant placing your name in the book of histories, never to be erased. After this feat, Agbani who was a student of Computer Science at the University Of Port-Harcourt in her state of origin, had to leave school to optimize the oppurtunities her title presented her. She landed herself a 3-Year contract with L’oreal and again made history but this time, as second to Vanessa Williams who had been the first woman of colour to land that same contract!
Agbani Darego L'oreal Paris Campaign.
     Also working with top brands like Avon, Dior, Sephora, Target,and Macy’s, gracing the covers of equally top magazines like Elle, Marie Claire,Stitch, Cosmopolitan and Essence, Agbani Darego’s star status did not leave the stage which it was meant to be, I mean, THE WORLD STAGE. Designers not left out, she also worked with the likes of Oscar De La Renta, Marc Bouwer, Tommy Hilfiger, Gianfranco Ferre, Ralph Lauren just to mention a little out of the lot she’s worked with she proved herself worthy of the title which she held and also proved that she could do better even after her reign! In Nigeria, she, alongside Oluchi Onweagaba became the face of the Hair Product “GENTLE TOUCH”. She also took to the skies by being the current face of ARIK AIR in Nigeria !
Agbani Darego For Gentle Touch.
Agbani Darego As Brand Ambassador For Arik Air Nigeria.

     A few years back she began the AD By Agbani Darego Denim Line of bags, jeans and dresses. She has judged various modeling shows in Nigeria like the Elite Model Look Nigeria 2012 and internationally on the Miss England And Mr. Scotland Pageants In 2002, sharing her professional insights behind the judges table that would definitely be as treasured gold to those who had the privilege of being part of that experience at the time. Agbani later went back to school to get a degree in Psychology in New York State University and graduated in 2012. She has proven herself to be a goal getter with a strong mind and firm hold on what she wants whether she has them or not.
Agbani Darego At The Elite Model Look Nigeria Competition 2012

Agbani Darego Looking Stylish And Elegant At The Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards.

Agbani Darego At He Graduation From New York University With Supermodel Oluchi

     Like I said earlier, this is not a post to about racism or the breakthroughs people of colour have come to see but to appreciate someone who by the grace of the powers unknown to us in conjunction with her zeal and passion to be great, made the impossible become possible and without any doubt, giving hope to young people with dreams of becoming something great in future out there whether black, white, asian or latino. I am someone who has been inspired not just by her achievements but by her drive towards getting there. She like anyone else faced disappointments but did not use them as an excuse not to move forward. She paved the way for a lot of people out there and still is.

     Agbani Darego, A History Maker With A Story Full Of Inspiration Thereby Making A Name For Herself That Is Highly Indispensable In Any Place That The Names Of Great Men And Women Of The World Of Fashion Subjects Are Mentioned.

P.S- This series is in no particular order and the previous or latter models featured on this series are not higher or lower in ranking than the other according to the chronology in which their articles may occur.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Unforgettable Models Series- Cara Delevingne- Pretty, Fierce And Quite A Face To Never Forget!

     BEING UNABLE TO FORGET THINGS ,IN MOST CASES, IS A CURSE. Memories of past relationships, ugly deeds we need to leave behind, amongst other dirty things whose details we would love to spare, are just examples of some happenings that many who would love to forget just can get off their chests. Cara Delevingne for many of us ; at least for me, brings great memories and is definitely not one to bring nightmares unless you have a skeleton in your cupboard or you are just a hater.
Cara Delevingne.
   Cara, 22, is a model,actress and singer; a very complex blend which has the hearts of a complex lot out there, including "The Complex Man" himself X_X. With a tomboy flow that is blended with a lady-like touch, Cara is definitely a favourite for anyone who knows how cool her kind can be.

     Gracing magazine covers and runways while posing for top designers like D&G, Tom Ford, Chanel, just to mention a few of the truck load of designers she has worked with, Cara has rapidly become a runway darling and a brand that is not left out when top models are being called out and with her recent ranking as #5 on the  Models.Com Top 50 Models List, this 22-year old has definitely solidified her star status and is building an empire on that solid achievement.
Cara Delevingne Walking For The Chanel Supermarket Runway Show For The
Fall/Winter 2014 Collection.

Delevingne Walking On The Runway Of One Of Burberry Prorsum's Fall/Winter Collections.

     Cara's sense of style is a blend of all "Shades Of Cool" and when this glam cool kid steps out, you would never get disappointed as she always dons cool and edgy casual looks and great dresses on the red carpet that keeps us wanting more of Cara, who is a model of the elite !
Cara Delevingne Goes Punkish In Black!

Cara Delevingne At The 2014 MET Gala .

Miss Delevingne Pulling Off TomBoy-Chick Style Blend. 

Delevingne In A Black Lace Number At The 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

     Recently, Cara got into a "Kick-Off" with the papparazzi while in New York. Its reported by various tabloids that Cara was trying to sink her legs and fists into the available body parts of the unlucky pap as he took to ask questions about her landing a role in a "BEACH BOYS MUSICAL". The doorman (shown here in this photo) was there to hold Cara back in order to avoid a violent situation.
Delevingne Trying To Get At An Unlucky Pap.
Photo Source: Perez Hilton
 Cara is a sweetheart but could she give sweet hard blows too? I can't tell but definitely she isn't one to mess with... I suppose.

     Away from the "almost violent occurrence", Miss Delevingne recently went nude for the Ad of Tom Ford's New Fragrance BLACK ORCHID
Cara Posing For Tom Ford's New Fragrance - BLACK ORCHID- . Photographed By Mario Sorrenti
Photo Source - PopSugar.Com

She is definitely raising the bar higher and higher for herself and seems capable enough to get above her previous feats. Cara is definitely a model with great poise dripping in her own fountain of talent.

MODELS LIKE THE GORGEOUS MISS CARA DELEVINGNE ARE A RARE KIND. A face to remember always, a style icon to alot of ladies out there, a hardworker as we can perceive and all in all a "Strong" lady in every sense of the word. Definitely these are the reasons why she is so unforgettable to TheComplexMan but the question is, Is She Or Would She Be Equally Unforgettable To You?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Unforgettable Models Series- Ataui Deng - Missing, Found And Undeniably Unforgettable.

     Models come and models go. From top to super and then ex- tinct, it always ends . That moment where you have climaxed and reached ur pin drop point is certainly a time that most models would have to come to terms with. But then not to scare some folks or remind them of this inevitable future, presently, i am currently stuck on a few international models that i can't seem to forget.

     Yes ! Anytime i see their faces on magazine covers or their beautiful silhouettes on the runway which are either accentuated or hidden by the pricy outfits they put on, i get elated and most of the time awed by their poise and of course their faces which scream "YOU JUST CAN'T FORGET THIS" with a wink that unluckily for others, only i can see.  And so this week i'd be profiling a couple of models and just like Shakira and RiRi, I CAN'T REMEMBER TO FORGET THEM !


      Ataui Deng Hopkins, 22, is a choco-dark lady from South-Sudan that to me, gives me hope that dark skinned girls would have their rightful place in society and not these subjects to exfoliating products we have "there" today (No disrespect to the naturally fair skinned population).

      Ataui caught my eye while watching FashionTV early on this year. I can't remember the show vividly, but well i still remember why i can't. When this dark skinned motion filled mannequin stepped out from the end corners of the runway, i literally paused and my eyes refused to shift their gaze, unblinking. Her grace was unmatched and right there and then she snuck her way into the space in my heart reserved for models !
Ataui Deng Posing For Flaunt Magazine

     Clothes without models are like elegant ghosts and whether elegant or not, they are definitely not as appealling as when a pro model dons them. Ataui makes clothes look like gold and owns every moment she has behind the cameras.


Her features are so prominent and well pronounced which is no wonder why she is one of my favourites on the runway and a great art subject for me . I drew Ataui and she replied me via Instagram ! Happiness flooded my heart that very day!

Ataui Deng Goes MISSING!
     On the opposite side of happiness, a few days ago, tragic news struck the world of a large amount of people; relatives and fans alike, who love her when we kept seeing captions like #FINDATAUI and ATAUI DENG HOPKINS MISSING FOR 10 DAYS on the internet!
RiRi and Ataui Bonding Playfully
Rihanna's RiverIsland AW13 Campaign.

Ataui For Rihanna's RiverIsland AW13 Campaign.
Rihanna, who ataui happened to be part of her riverisland campaign, and others took to social networks to create awareness about Ataui's missing status. And on Monday, the 19th of August, she was found at NYC Hospital. Though there are no details as to what caused her disappearance, we are happy she was found alive!

   Tragedy or not, Ataui is a black diamond that shines and would continue to shine bright and illuminate our paths with her talent and grace which she brings into the ever growing world of fashion . Therefore, she is no doubt a favourite, not just for me, but for others who feel the same too.

Friday, 8 August 2014

MUSIC PREMIERE - Loyal Freestyle By Reggie Ft. Yadah X Enzo

     Covers have been made, are being made and would continue to be made. But when you step out of the shadow of the word “Cover” and make an instrumental for an original piece yours, it becomes a show of not just technicality talent wise but also in being creative.

     Loyal By Chris Brown is a song that everyone has had on their lips before summer began till date being a controversial but straight forward work of hip hop art. The thing is Chris Brown is not the only one who feels there are no loyal girls. And so when Reggie, Yadah and Enzo jumped on the instrumental of Chris Brown’s smash hit song, it just goes to show that something can be made out of anything: in this case… the best of things.

     Loyal  Freestyle By Reggie “Mr. Pull Up In A Ghost” Featuring “The School Celebrity” Yadah and “Vocally Endowed” Enzo , emanated from a beat testing session in the studio just like every other released freestyle track. No doubt, this track with these three gigantic artistes blessed with great talents would definitely prove itself not to be a disappointment to the original track that we all can't but love to love and even step outside the shadow of the original as these artistes have added a new flavour to their own version of female disloyalty.

     This track, being Reggie’s third single, goes to show, as we predicted here on ATCM, that this young talent definitely shows no sign of slowing down or going down anytime soon.

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Drake, Lana Del Rey, Solange And Others Make The Concluding Music And Style Mash Up List - My List Of 10 Celebrities With Great Music And Equally Matching Style (II)

6.) West Coast - Lana Del Rey

   Being baddass doesnt really require you to reveal it all like a street side prostitute ! Lana Del Rey is a definition of a lowkey baddass lady that steals the scene anytime she comes around.
    From her latest album, ULTRAVIOLENCE, released this month, this song "WEST COAST" is a chill song. Talking about life in the tinsel town of the U.S, it just gives the listener an idea of a hip life, inspires cool and makes you want to keep it on replay!

If you are a hollywood entertainment lover, then you'd know that such a song also requires a kind of style to put a punctuation mark to that "Top Of The World Cool" Mood you would get.                    Lana, though a New Yorker; who are known for their street style and hip-hop inspired apparels, is every bit as stylish as her fellow glam queens in hollywood. With Jeans and Sweatshirts/T-Shirts as her casual go-tos , vintage looks for her jaw dropping photo-shoots and glam dresses on the red carpet, Lana Del Rey's baddass status is well represented but in her case, with a lot more taste and great appeal that makes her the BADDASS GLAM QUEEN that she is!

7.) Bad Girls - Solange Knowles
    Bad Girls have taste, class and ultimately, STYLE! Solange Knowles is infact one and when you think Afrocentric outfits, great patterns, glam footwears and hair that attracts the attention of all, Solange is definitely the go-to Bad Girl.
    The song Bad Girls speaks of teenage rebellion and realization. With songwriting skills and vocals like  Solange's , this song is like a double sided cassette as it is quite deep but gives that vibe that is hip, cool and gets you feeling like you are Badder than Tony Montana.

    Being a bad girl is not about proclamation alone, its has to show and Solange doesnt spare any detail when it comes to looking good with trend setting outfits that tabloids and observers love to love. If you are still of the mindset that she is still under Beyonce's shadow, with all these lined up and a successful music career, you are definitely not on the affirmative.
8.) Worst Behaviour - Drake
   Its been all about Bad Girls up until now ! Our deep rap sensation, Drake, with his latest turn has shown us that even the deepest of men have the worst behaviour!
    Worst behaviour is a song that or if not yet, should be on everyone's lips! A song that gives that feeling of liberty to do and say that which you have always wanted to say.

     Style wise, Drake dons looks mostly those inspired by hip-hop culture. With a GQ Magazine Cover and tabloids talking about his style journey, Drake is no doubt a stylish bad boy who the girls cant help but love and the guys love to emulate and also hate.

9.) Happy - Pharrell Williams
    Pharrell Williams has made his mark in the music industry as a great producer and musician. Meanwhile, the fashion scene has also felt some Pharrell magic as this teenage 40 year old, is a stylebuff in every sense of the word. 

    Happy, a song done as an original movie soundtrack for " Despicable Me 2 " is a song that goes in all moods, be you depressed, demoralized, elated or just stoic, its black american church instrumental flow and cool lyrics would get you groving and screaming along before you realise you are in outer space.

    Pharrell's style on the other hand is also Extra-Terrestial! No one rocks a short suit like pharrell does or works maxi hats and camo print like him. As he seems to have not aged over the years with his special fountain of youth, so also has his style sense stayed evergreen and keeps blooming and blowing us away with suprises everytime.

10.) Gentleman - Fela Kuti
      Taking it back to the roots, where our new school stars in Nigeria and Africa got their afropop genre from. The king of Afro Beats, Fela Anikulapo Kuti is a legend in all ramifications. With his outspoken nature and personalized lifestyle, Fela serves as a mentor to alot of people in Nigeria and the world over!

       For a dead man to make it to a list that consists of 9 young artistes shows that he cannot but be mentioned and for me, there is no other replacement for this specimen of greatness on this list!
       Gentleman, a song that speaks to men who think being dressed sartorially or being gentle means taking in all the nonsense that comes their way and in this song, Fela says "Act or Be Acted Upon!". This post has been about songs and styles that gives cool vibes but this particular song is special as it not only talks about being cool but defending your cool.

        People may wonder why i have Fela Kuti on a list of stylish celebrities but i say there is no need to wonder about this. High waisted pants for men have become a great trend in the past few years but back in the 70s, Fela has been there and done that. African prints are now all over the place but one person who owned this is also none other than Fela! With his high waisted print trouser ankle high, shirt halfway unbuttoned for a great sexual appeal and his afrobeat jams playing while he does his smooth staggering one two step dance moves, Fela Anikulapo Kuti is a man who has and would always be a legend in music, activism and an influencer of new age fashion.

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Celebrity Music And Style Mash-Up - My List Of 10 Celebrities With Great Music And Equally Matching Style !

  Do You Know That Your Appearance Can Be Your Ticket To Attaining A Feeling Of Greatness As Well As Emotional Downfall ? By downfall i mean " My Heart Crashed From Everest's Peak" downfall! . But don't be scared because our celebs who work with chords and electrify the stage with their vocals have found a way to mash up their music and fashion sense to give us an undiluted style flow to go with their evergreen songs. So we can now learn from them and look hella fresh and feel cool while jamming up to their awesome tunes.

    Personally, i have a few songs by certain artistes in the "Big Apple" that i'd like to share with you complexes. These songs are songs with so much depth but not to be compared to the "Mariana Trench". Though deep in unique messages and basking in philosophical reasoning, they are songs that get you feeling like you own your world and the world over, songs that uplift your cool and slam-dunks your inner pessimist into a deep abyss which is obviously, deeper than the Mariana Trench!
In No Particular Order They Include :-
1.) Life Is Real - Ayo

   When I first heard this song i thought "What is this lady saying" with a confused face, because her style of music seemed totally weird to me, at the time ; this was about 7 years ago. But on picking up this tune over again this year, i realized that i had missed a great song for 7 years.
    Life is real talks about embracing one's complex... yes... complex! Your weird behaviours or really cool acts, doing what you please because you want to and you are real about it. As real as this and all of her songs on albums like "Joyful" and "Billie Eve" are, so is her fashion sense. 

     Very laid back, chick, almost hipster fashion but with alot of variations, she dons looks which would make you to just keep looking. Ayo, though not seen as a fashion icon by the tabloids and what not, has an impeccable style judgment that never gets old, just like her music.
2.) Dog Days Are Over - Florence And The Machine.

   The Dog Days Are Over And Here Comes Florence Welch Of The Rock Band, Florence And The Machine ! Yes, our renaissance lady whose vocal renditions reminds us of how we used to be, shows us how we are and how we would be, is a queen in every sense of the word.
   Dog Days Are Over is a song of freedom, a song that makes you chase that which you are after and leave that which hinders you. This song uplifts the soul and makes one want to bask in the summer sun for eternity. What also uplifts the heart ? ... Her renaissance blend of music and fashion !

   If i didn't know a thing about her, i would call her Da Vinci's Mysterious "Monalisa" because everything she does is synonymous to that of the renaissance revolution, overflowing in great aesthesia and ever growing mystery, from her sense of style to her pattern of music.
   Florence Welch definitely knows how to make the ancient seem like the future we do not know, even though its stares us right in the eyes.
3.) Flawless (Ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) - Beyonce

    Flawlessness is something that is far fetched here on earth. But wait... when Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter Says "I woke up like this ... I'm Flawless" ?, best believe she is !
    As a guy, listening to this song can be quite intimidating but it is an ego booster because we men have been on a long journey to show the falseness of the adage,  "What a man can do, a woman can do better" . Yes we have proven ourselves as men but 'Yonce says "The battle aint over yet" with this song, FLAWLESS. With strong feminist lines and a great rendition of words by our very own Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, this songs sparks fire and cool in the hearts of all !

     Its no longer news that Beyonce knows how to work it when it comes to fashion. Whether it is casual, red carpet or fierce perfomance outfits that changes the term SEXY to BEYONCE, she reminds us that she is a girl who runs the world and is not ready to put a stop to that.
4.) Supersoaker - Kings Of Leon

   After three women who have proven themselves to have evergreen music and fashion judgement, the men also have come to take center stage and attention is coming from all corners of the world to the men of leather, boots, guitars and awesome vocals !

   This song, Supersoaker, is a song for the cool man. For the man who knows what he has, who he is and what he is worth. Though that give the hint of a proud man, but to be cool, a certain carriage is needed and this song inspires just that. With great vocals from lead singer, Caleb Followill, this track is one that makes you own the world even if you are still very "Nada" away from "Prada"!

    Owning a clothing line means "We Have Style And You Know It" and though many rock stars come and go, these guys have proven that they are here to stay not just in the music scene but with their style as well. If you are a fan of leather jackets, dark shades, boots, graphic designed shirts and rockstar hairstyles, i suggest you learn a tip or two or everything from The Kings Of Leon !
5.) Buzzcut Season - Lorde
    Someone came into view last year and it was the "Pure Heroine", LORDE ! . Being a 17 year old, one would think Lorde is still on a self realization journey but take a stop and look at her, then you know you are not in the affirmative.

    With vocals that showers upon her listeners ; Aweda Included, like rain drops from the sky and a style that get you thinking she is crazy at some point then saying she's the "IT GIRL" in the next, Lorde's carefree looks and lyrics with a poetic spice have been a huge advantage for her and would be a huge advantage for those who love maxi dresses, big soles, dark lips and steady high pitch vocals.

     Buzzcut Season became my favourite song on the Pure Heroine Album a few weeks ago, the lyrics about not being so on top or on top but still looking over that and living life as it comes and i haven't felt any cooler since then ; i was cool before then but you know... a "Upgrade" came along... you complexes know the rest. 

     It is a song that has different meanings to different people and is very dynamic, but I sum it all up to "Dynamic Representation Of Living Cool". Her fashion sense is very personalized and fresh, so if you are looking for a start on a self style journey even if it doesn't scream "OH LORDE!, OH LORDE!!" , she is and i think would continue to be a reference point.

    The list goes on but the curtain would be pull just right about here for now. I'm sure you complexes are wondering who else i have on this list or who i should but have on this list. The only way to get to uncover those thoughts is to visit the blog in the coming days for the wrap up on this list.
     Links to these songs are provided on each song topic because sharing the good stuff is what makes the world a better place. Share, Comment, Repost and Have A Musically Stylish Week.

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